7 days
Train & Bike

Want to escape the hustle and bustle? Looking to unplug and reconnect with nature? Join us for a unique cycling adventure below the sea level.

The theme of this experience is sustainable living. During the trip we will showcase many sustainable initiatives and you will have the opportunity to connect with interesting people and get inspired by their passion for social and environmental causes. The Netherlands is a country with a unique history that was shaped by centuries-long battle with the water which means that the eco-minded, collaborative culture is imprinted in the Dutch DNA.

Highlights: Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft, The Hague, Country Side, North Sea Coast.

Price (USD) $1,990/pp based on double occupancy; small group – 10-12 ppl


Accommodation 4* hotel in Haarlem (15 min by train from Amsterdam); 6 breakfasts; 1 welcome brunch (organic); fully guided cycling tours, guided city walks on and off the beaten path; all train tickets during the trip.

Did you know?
The Netherlands boasts over 20,000 mile of dedicated cycle paths.
All electric trains in the country are powered by wind energy.
Amsterdam aims for zero-emissions public transport (including all buses, boats, mopeds and taxis) by 2025.

Not included Flights to/from Amsterdam; Bicycle rentals; Lunches and dinners; Entrance fees; Personal insurance.

Tour Dates June to September

Day 1 Haarlem Welcome to Haarlem, our home for the week. Dating back to Roman times, Haarlem is an iconic Dutch city with charming canals, one of the most beautiful old squares in the country and an imposing 16th-century gothic cathedral. Over the centuries, many renowned musicians like Mozart and Handel have performed on its famous organ. Welcome brunch at an organic cafe in a 15th-century house.  Free time to explore. Learn about “tulip mania” or how the old wind-powered windmill put the country on the map during the Golden Age. Stroll behind rows of historic buildings to explore the well-preserved almshouses (the oldest was founded in 1395) built by wealthy merchants to house poor, unmarried, or widowed women. Dinner in the old square where every evening you can hear the bell church ringing.

Day 2 North Sea Coast, Wildlife and Country Estates  An amazing cycle route along the North Sea coast, sandy beaches, natural dunes, and centuries-old country estates. Cycle through the National Park, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Netherlands, the habitat of rare plants and animals — look out for parnassias, burgundy snails, Scotish Highlander, Konik horses, fallow-deers, or Wisents (Europe’s last wild bison, an endangered animal). The park is part of the European nature network Natura 2000 and hosts 40% of all plants and animals in the Netherlands! Enjoy the sound of the sea and beautiful sunset at one of the hip beach cafes before heading back to Haarlem.

Day 3: Golden Age Amsterdam  A walk through history following the footsteps of Rembrandt. We start at the Museum of Canals located in a beautiful 17th century mansion with a stirring view of one of Amsterdam’s finest canals. You will be immersed in the Golden Age, learn about live in the 17th century and how the canal district was built by wealthy merchants. Next, witness the place where the great master lived and worked for 20 years in Rembrandt’s house museum, and check out the oldest church in Amsterdam (1213) where his beloved wife, Saskia, was buried. We will walk along the square where city surgeons were given public anatomy lessons back in the 17th century, dissecting corpses of executed criminals (The Anatomy of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp was Rembrandt’s first large painting). Finally, the Rijksmuseum houses Rembrandt’s most famous masterpiece, the night watch. Evening in Amsterdam — explore the great nightlight scene the city has to offer.

Day 4: Medieval Towns & Castles A scenic bike ride following the water along the Defence Line, a series of old forts built to protect Amsterdam from enemy invasion (UNESCO site). Learn about ingenious water engineering and how for centuries the Dutch used the water to their advantage. A stop in a medieval town to visit the most picturesque castle in the Netherlands. The castle is located in a strategic location and over the centuries played a crucial role in the protection of Amsterdam. Evening in Haarlem or Amsterdam at your choice.

Day 5: Delft  Starting in Delft (the birthplace of Vermeer, a charming town renowned by Delft blue pottery), cycle along the so-called greenhouse capital of the world where agriculture meets innovation (look for the glass houses where Dutch farmers grow crops without relying on water, soil or GMO seeds). Head back to Delft through a nature reserve — you are 19 ft below the sea level! Evening in Delft or The Hague at your choice.

Day 6: Authentic Amsterdam Go off the beaten path to explore Amsterdam like a local. This walk takes you to some of the most responsible hotspots in Amsterdam where inspiring entrepreneurs are making an impact — wander through the hippest and most innovative neighbourhood (a former shipyard transformed in an urban living lab), browse a flea market (look for vintage clothing and antique treasures waiting for a second or a third life), get a taste of Amsterdam at one of many cafes that serve home-made organic food and delicious cakes or stop by a local craft breweries where the beer is brewed by people who are disadvantaged in the labour market. Farewell evening in Haarlem.

Day 7: Haarlem end of the trip Depart for home.