About us

Bikes & Places is an educational travel company based in Boston. Our goal is to bring people together and inspire collaboration and knowledge sharing for a more sustainable future. Through impact experiences, facilitating connections and partnerships, learning and sharing innovation, we support entrepreneurs that play an active role in addressing the really big issues we face today.  As well, we work with communities to create awareness that our environment shapes who we are and that reducing the carbon footprint can have an immediate impact on our health and well being.


What we do

Urban Expeditions
Join our week-long city experience abroad with focus on sustainability and climate resilience — meet local experts, get inspired by entrepreneurs who are turning climate change into business opportunities and start co-creating ideas that could shape the future of your own city.

Fundraising Experiences
Travel for a cause while a portion of the revenue goes back to support your community, a local non-profit, or just a fellow human being.

Group Tours
Hop on a (Dutch) bike and experience how cycling helps the environment and boosts our well-being — cycling makes us happier, healthier, and more socially connected.